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Coronavirus Update


COVID-19 -together we can all make it through !

Let us start by thanking everyone who sent well wishes to us and the team these last few months during this pandemic.  It is much appreciated to know you care about us as much as we care about you!

Due to these unprecedented and rapidly changing circumstances, we know you might have some questions about the COVID-19 pandemic and how it may affect your orthodontic care. Our team has put together this FAQ to help you gain some amount of clarity in this part of your life. We are here to support you and will continue to find new ways to provide you with the highest quality orthodontic care.

Is Bonham & Bonham Orthodontics currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Absolutely not!  Our physical offices are now Open, We are available by phone, text, virtual appointments, and in office appointments to keep your Orthodontic treatment moving forward! Thus, we are very much open and are going to continue to give everyone we meet more reasons to smile

I have a new patient exam or an observation appointment coming up. What should I do about that?

One you can call our office to schedule an in office appointment to meet the Team members and doctors to go over the treatment.  We have added another option for you though. This is where the beauty of modern technology comes in.  We are offering a virtual appointment so we can still visit with you about your orthodontic needs.  If you are a candidate to have these types of appointments done virtually, one of our team members will discuss this with you. For those of you who would still prefer do have these done in person, we will schedule an in office visit. A responsible parent/guardian must be present in this office visit.

We are told to wash our hands frequently; how should we handle wearing aligners, retainers, elastics, etc?

It is important to continue wearing your aligners and your rubber bands to maintain your treatment progress, or your treatment result if currently wearing retainers. Follow recommendations by washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after removing or placing your aligners, retainers, or elastics. These items can also be washed or cleaned in a diluted soap and water solution. An old toothbrush is ideal for this purpose. After cleaning the appliance, rinse thoroughly in cold water to minimize the soapy taste, just like when doing the dishes.

Are there any changes during the in office visit?

Short answer is Yes. We are continuing to follow the social distancing recommendations.  You will notice that our chairs are spaced at least 6 feet or more apart. We have partitions between patient treatment areas and we are reducing the number of people/patients entering office at a particular time. Although in the past we welcomed everyone, (siblings, friends and neighbors that were coming along for appointment,) we have to change our policy due to Covid 19. Only a parent/guardian can accompany a minor to the appointment.

Please call or text when you arrive at the parking lot. We will let you know its ok to come in. Please bring your child to the office and we will check patient in by asking few supplemental health questions.  You can wait for the child in the waiting room or you can choose to wait in your car (your new virtual waiting room) and we will text or call when the appointment is finished. This works well especially if you have siblings coming along. The new policy is to reduce the number of people entering office and to achieve the social distancing.

We have implemented additional waiting room cleaning procedures in between patients.

One more important thing. Everyone entering the office must wear a mask to enter the building and the office (including patients). You will be able to remove the mask when seated in the dental chair ready for treatment. I know there has been confusion about wearing or not wearing mask in the past. Current recommendations are to wear a mask in public spaces, entering buildings etc. We stand by this, as for years we wore masks when treating patients and we know they are effective.  Even when the mask can’t prevent infection completely it may reduce the severity.  

Our sterilization and treatment cleaning areas have already have been at the highest standards and we will continue to do so. You will be happy to know that our sterilization centers in both Kahului and Pukalani offices are brand new and state of the art with all the new outstanding equipment.

What else should we know?

We will continue to wear masks in our office to protect the team members and the patients. The good news is we are used to wearing them already. Besides our regular eye protection our clinical members will wear face shields per new OSHA and CDC recommendations. Sometimes it may be harder to hear us in that, so please be sure to let us know if we need to speak up!

Even though it may be harder to see our faces at this time, be sure that we are all smiling behind all that and we are happy to see you!  We still strive to give you many reasons to smile about.


We will continue to email any updates we have, but also follow us on Facebook at for the most up to date information as we will continue posting. 

Thank you for your understanding  and patience, and we are truly grateful that you have chosen to support our small Office. We wish you all good health, and we can’t wait to see you again in person!  We look forward to continuing to serve you with the same level of customer service you have come to expect!

Drs Paul and Aurelia Bonham and the Team 


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