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Early Interceptive Treatment

Dr Paul and Dr Aurelia most frequently will recommend comprehensive orthodontic treatment to start after all the adult teeth have erupted, close to the age of 12. But there are times when waiting till all the permanent teeth erupt may not be the best option. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that every child be evaluated around 7 - 8 years. This is the perfect age to evaluate if there are developing issues related to tooth eruption or concerns with the child’s jaw growth that ideally should be addressed at an earlier age. Interceptive treatment is often recommended to correct thumb and finger habits, crossbites, underbites, or severe crowding especially that may result in impacted permanent teeth. Moreover, unbalanced jaw growth will affect the face and the bite, or result in a constricted airway. Addressing developmental concerns gives us the ability to avoid more invasive approaches in the future.

For those keiki who don’t need early treatment we have our Growth & Observation Kids Club program. We’ll see kids at least once a year, at no charge, to monitor their growth and determine the best time for treatment. They will also get to know us and we will coach them how to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile from an early age.

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